Print & cut vinyl decals, signage production made by Okoboji Graphics studio.

Creative Artwork Services!

Okoboji Graphics artwork services include custom sign design creative production of decals with innovative ideas to help build business identity. Brand logo, vector artwork for signs, decals and truck lettering. Custom creative production services.

We build artwork for vehicle wraps, auto graphic decals, digital signage and print products for marketing.

If online design tools frustrate you? *Leave the design and print ordering up to Okoboji Graphics experienced design skills. We create designs to fit the request and understand artwork print requirements to set-up artwork correctly for print orders.

You can order design services for any logo, sign, vehicle wrap, illustration, print ready artwork or digital web graphics. We use the best vector artwork design software –  Adobe Illustrator (vector art). Logo images are scalable any size for sharp resolution in small file sizes. Save as  .ai  .pdf  .png

For photo image work, photo montages and illustration. Adobe Photoshop (raster art). Save as  .psd  .jpg

SERVICES – Logo design, vector artwork, image editing, marketing materials, order management, print artwork production, web site images, photoshop, virtual samples, technical illustration, embroidery digitizing, apparel decoration, sign design, vehicle graphics, truck lettering design.

Print and cut vinyl decals and signage production made in-house at Okoboji Graphics design studio.

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Yes we do. If you are a small startup business with small budget and limited knowledge of what to do. We can register your domain and do a quick contact page setup for you. Please send message via email link for contact us page. Add project details important to the web site request. Learn more about our domain name search and hosting!
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We charge for ALL creative design TIME, product and printing material cost, installation labor, plus shipping cost.
Artwork copyright ownership remains with Okoboji Graphics.
Learn more about trade practices at Graphic Artist Guild.
Promote and protect careers. Honor, Respect & Loyalty.
COPYRIGHT “Graphic artists’ livelihoods depend on their ability to claim authorship of the pieces they produce. Creative artists build their reputations-and therefore their ability to attract clients and build a career-on the basis of past performance. Indeed, artists’ careers succeed or fail because of their skill and style in communicating the ideas and messages society needs to disseminate. Artists’ rights to control the usage of their original creative art are defined primarily by copyright law, which also provides the basis for pricing and fair trade practices.” – Graphic Artists Guild Handbook 11th edition Page 20

Learn more about trade practices at Graphic Artist Guild.
Artwork copyright ownership remains with Okoboji Graphics unless there is a full buyout in a written contract.

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