A few basic questions answered here, please contact us with email to request order: Okoboji Graphics.
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Contact Us via email found on contact us page, Add your contact info and project details important to the work request and tell us your budget range. We’ll reply with additional questions about your work to proceed. Downpayment requested prior to any design work is started. Pay online on artwork page or call us with your credit card number.

Select ARTWORK under ABOUT tab for more information and click ORDER NOW tab to go to payment page. Add number of hours estimated for your working budget amount to pay now. Email job details you require and additional ideas for the creative work production.
We charge for all custom work TIME including creative design, production, product materials and printing cost, installations or shipping cost etc. Custom work sold as is, all sales are final, no returns, no refunds.
We charge $65 per hour per person for all time on job, including sign surveys with travel time, any kind of sign design work, graphics wrap installations, sign installations, repairs or removals. Plus cost for any special vinyl material or sign supply requirements, disposal fees etc.
Our website integrates WooCommerce to facilitate payments and purchases. WooCommerce is a top plugin for e-commerce. Stripe, PayPal, and Credit Cards accepted. CC’s have 3% fee added to price. Save with Cash payment and Business Checks welcome. For security, Check must clear bank prior to design, production and shipping.

Quotes and Estimates are two different things. An ESTIMATE is a “BALLPARK” price based on anticipated “time and materials” on custom work which is flexible, can be changed to match certain specifications, can change with project scope or AMOUNT of work time involved. A QUOTE is “FIXED” price on standard product, with straight forward “product specification” and a set of parameters. Generally a stock product without customization can be quoted. Either price may change if the scope of work or product changes from the original request.
Signs can cost from $50 to thousands of $$$ dollars. You need to give us details of your sign idea, it’s purpose and a budget to work with. Large sign production can be high dollar. We need to know a budget range or limit to provide a realistic price for your projects scope of work.

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