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What is the best way to request custom work?
Contact Us via email on contact us page, or Artwork page. Add ALL your contact info and project details important to the request and budget. We’ll reply with additional questions about your work.
How do I make down payment for artwork production?
Select ARTWORK under ABOUT tab for more information and click ORDER NOW tab to go to payment page. Add number of hours estimated for your working budget amount to pay now. Email job details you required in the creative work production.
What do you charge for custom orders at Okoboji Graphics?
We charge for all TIME including creative design, production, product and printing cost, plus shipping cost.
What are the graphics installation rates at Okoboji Graphics?
We charge $65 per hour per person for all time on job, any kind of work, graphics wrap installations, sign installations, sign surveys, including travel time. Plus cost for any special material or supply requirements.
What payment methods are accepted?
Our website integrates WooCommerce to facilitate all payments and purchases. WooCommerce is a top plugin for e-commerce. PayPal, Stripe and Credit Cards accepted. Cash and Business Checks.

What is the difference between an ESTIMATE and a QUOTE?
Quotes and Estimates are two different things. An ESTIMATE is a “BALLPARK” price based on anticipated “time and materials” which is “loosely” flexible and will change with project scope or AMOUNT of work time. A QUOTE is “FIXED” price on straight forward “product specification” and a set of parameters. Generally a stock product without customization can be quoted. Either price may change if the scope of work or product changes from the original request.

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