Design, print, laminate and install vehicle wrap advertising decals.

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DESIGN | PRINT | INSTALL Vehicle Graphics WRAP DESIGN! Wrap categories below.
Vehicle wraps are most desired Advertising because TV or radio ads are often missed and print ads are only good for one or two days at the most. That’s why businesses choose wraps as the best way to advertise services on their fleet of vans, cars or trucks! Drive your business with a commercial vehicle wrap today!
What's the fastest way for new independent contractors to get his or her name out there? Van wraps and vehicle graphics! Van wraps from Okoboji Graphics are visible every day of the year whether driving or parked and provide the best value in local advertising.
Cars make great advertising vehicles because of economy for traveling salesmen or delivery services. Car wraps work great for businesses with delivery such as catering or pizza, floral shops, or auto parts stores as well as local insurance companies wanting to advertise business brand logo vehicle wrap graphics.
Get your pleasure boat restored and look sharp with personalized boat graphics or wraps. Dock install and repair service companies build identity and reputation with a quality looking barge. Ride the graphics wave and decal your boat or pontoon today with new vinyl graphics.
Wraps on trailers are desired for Brand Advertising solutions because of the large traveling billboard size visible to thousands of people on the road. Marketing your products or services with trailer wrap advertising are the most visible way to advertise accross the country! Trailer wraps are visible every day whether driving or parked at trade show, fair or event.
If operating a service business requires a trailer, no better way to advertise your business identity with logo or graphics wrap visible to neighbors when out in the field working. Many times just one siteing spreads word of mouth conversation that will land you a great job with a new trailer graphics wrap.
Semi trailers cover the country traveling and provide the best advertising solution for national products and branding. Trucking companies grow with a well designed logo graphics wraps that can be read from afar along interstates driving new business.
An old building can be made more attractive with a graphics billboard wrap drawing new attention to product or service. Some surfaces can have graphics applied directly. Or better yet get a media frame for changeable billboard banner advertising for shorter term changeable outdoor advertising.
Wall decoration in your store or office. Graphic vinyl wall wraps printed for partial to full coverage installations. Change the look, feel and atmosphere of interior room walls.