Aluminum Media Frame holds banner tight for Truckside Advertising!

Okoboji Graphics is a distributor of Ackland Media Frame. We design and print banners too.

Truckside Advertising, puts your message in front of people with unique, attention-grabbing advertising. Truckside advertising is a powerful solution used with media frame system for changeable media banner product that offers the size and impact of the traditional out-of-home billboards with the mobility of transit advertising. Truck Advertising has an audience all over and can be viewed throughout the day in a geographic area tailored to your specific consumer. In this fast paced world, Truckside Advertising allows for large, creative designs that travel at the same speed as your target demographic.

With Media Frames banner changeability feature to advertise truckside you can earn extra cash for simply traveling your route. Truckside advertising is one of the more lucrative venues we provide. As a fleet partner, you have the opportunity to earn extra cash while making your daily deliveries. Okoboji Graphics ad design and banner print service we will post high-quality advertisements on each panel of your truck, creating a vibrant, highly-visible moving billboard for advertiser. We design, print, install and remove all ads while you get paid for your ad space. This is an excellent way to off-set those nagging fuel and maintenance costs.


• Truck must be less than 5 years old and in good condition
• Local delivery vehicle that stays within the designated MSA or DMA during deliveries
• 5-day a week minimum (Monday-Friday) travel schedule
• Mandatory washing to ensure quality graphics


• SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME. Earn cash while working your normal route.
• TURN-KEY PRODUCTION. Okoboji Graphics will design, print, wrap and remove so all you need to do is drive.
• FLEET RECOGNITION. Consumers simply cannot miss the stunning advertisements, therefore noticing and recognizing your truck brand as well.